Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dark Eldar Wracks

Why is the internet abuzz with the new Wracks rules? I'll do a little breakdown:

1) Wracks are cheap.
Wracks weigh in at 10 points a piece. What do you get for your points? Marine WS, T, I and 2 attacks base. The caveat of course is that their attacks are poison (4+) which means their str 3 means very little. (for now)

2) Wracks start with a Pain Token.
What does this mean? It means these buggers now have a 6+ save and a 4+ shrug, and unlike other Dark Kin it is not negated by str 6 or 7. That raises their survivability by a factor of 4!

3) Wracks are troops with a Haemonculus in the army.
Wracks become the most survivable troop choice in the DE army when a Haemonculus is present. Put these guys in some cover late game and people will hate trying to get them off an objective.

4) Wracks can take 1 Liquifier per 5 models.
What's a liquifier you ask? Probably the best thing your army can use to deal with hordes or Marine Equivalent armor (MEQ) in cover. Why? Because it is a str 4 flamer whose AP is D6, which means half the time MEQ get no save or cover save...and you can have 2 in a 10 man squad! Wowsa!

5) Wracks synergize with Haemonculus.
Big surprise there right? I mean Haemonculi BUILD Wracks, why wouldn't they work well together? Well consider this: the DE rule "Share the Pain" says that if an IC joins a unit it gets to share it's pain toke with the unit. Haemonculi start the game with a Pain token, Wracks start the game with a pain token...seems like I have an idea here....that's right, when they join the squad gains Feel No Pain and Furious Charge for benefiting from 2 pain tokens...Remember that Strength 3 comment earlier? Turns out that when Wracks charge now they will be I 5 and S 4...meaning against T 4 or less they re-roll wounds! Which means 75% of the attacks that get thru vs marines will wound!

Still not convinced that Wracks are any good? Consider the fact that all Dark Eldar vehicles are open-topped and fast skimmers. This means your raider full of Wracks can fly up 12 inches + 2 inch Disembark + 6 inch assault, means those Wracks can charge an astounding 20 inches, on top of that the Raider can still fire it's Dark Lance!

I believe 1-2 units of Wracks will find their way into most Dark Eldar lists in the future, with benefits like this how could they not?


  1. Nice Blog Wiley......

    But will they be competitive?

  2. I like the blog. I am not really sold on the effectivness of the liquifier. It seems to be too random and might not come through for you when you need it to.

  3. Will they be competitive? Of course they will, I expect, as Willie does, that many competitve lists will have 1-2 units of these guys in it. Now whether its a 9 man unit with a haemonculus, 10 man unit with 2 liquifier guns, or a 6 man unit on a Venom for that late game objective grab is what remains to be seen.

  4. Yeah I have played them all three ways. So far I like the 10 man with champ 2 liquifiers and an agonizer. the flamer may be random, but even if it doesn't roll ap 3- its still a flamer and usually used by DE means you have piled out of a vehicle after it wrecked or exploded, so it will cause a lot of wounds.

    Al-I think they will be competitive, but probably not if you try spammy with them, you still need wyches or warriors for sure

  5. i have to agree and on top of the modeling joy of coming up with conversions and the theme of an all haemonculus army makes me want to do a ton of them.

  6. Just got to use a unit of 10 of these guys in two games, and pretty impressed so far. x2 liquifiers can be devestating (took out a 10 man unit of BA assault marines in one go in my 2nd game).

  7. Awesome! That's pretty funny because the first time I used the 10 man setup with 2 liqufiers I did the same thing! Silly BA, when will they learn who the true masters of the sky are?

  8. I think wracks work great if you use the minimum squads just to get the free token. You are also left with a unit that can camp the home objective. You can see my post on my site ( if you want a few tips on how to use wracks.