Friday, December 3, 2010

Dark Eldar Venom: Take 2

So I posted my Venom prototype up on Dakka and got some good reviews, but I also received some good critisim, which is always appreciated to improve upon your conversions. And after hearing a few people say that my Venom looked like a Dark Eldar Vyper, well I decided to fix the problem.

Special Thanks to DPBellathrom from Dakka. I think he may have taken some inspiration from me, but his design was superior and I took some inspiration right back!

Without further ado:

First step: Get a Vyper and assemble the chassis, but don't glue it together.

Next: Move the cockpit 1 peg further forward, yes I understand that your driver won't have any footholds, he will have to keep his feet up!
Next: Gather the parts that you want to use to make it look more like a Dark Eldar transport and less like an Eldar gunboat.
Next: Trim the sails so that you only have the top most section attached, with the spikes still in place, and dry fit it on the Venom.
Its starting to look like a Void Raven, which is a good thing!
Next: Use the Gang Plank and Keel Blade to form a kind of "standing" area and dry fit.
Next: If you like the way it looks, go ahead and do the second side and glue it in place.
Now that you have all those parts dry fitted, go ahead and glue those puppies in place!
Starting to resemble a Dark Eldar vehicle!
Next: I started working on the cockpit, I wanted a Dark Eldar driver, so I used a Kabalite Warrior Torso and a Reaver head (because those heads rock face)

Next: Venoms need guns, and not sissy Shuriken Catapults, I mean real guns....Like Splinter Cannons! And by "Cannons" I mean two of them! But i went cheapo, since I don't want to waste my Warrior Cannons, I just used disentegrators, since I will never field them on ravagers or raiders (and I have 6 Raiders and 3 Ravagers...)
Next: Now its time to add the spikes and hooks and blades and trophies, but I just wanted to get the basics down, you can customize however you see fit. Here is a size comparison.
I feel like this better represents the Venom, and once I get all my blades and skulls on this puppy, there will be no denying it!

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